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Organize a group and YOU could go for FREE!

We love working with groups, and can help you travel for FREE when you organize a group. The number of travelers required for free spots can vary by company we use and also by airline or even locale. But in most cases a group of 16-20 will get you ONE Spot for FREE.

Think about it…..That core group of friends or family that you spend a lot of time with, you may also want to consider taking a group vacation with. Maybe a church or social group, maybe it’s all family and relatives, or even a bunch of co-workers. With some “pre-planning”, some patience, and a lot of communication between all parties, you can put together a group vacation that will be filled with good memories of fun times had bay all – and your friendship will still be intact after the vacation is over. PLUS, you might just go for FREE or at a substancial discount.

When you decide to take a group vacation, first get the parties together discuss some of the parameters of the trip – such as time of year, type of trip (Land, multi-country, Cruise, etc). Then appoint a leader, or you take the role. This person will become the main point of contact for everyone involved in the trip – from participants to us.  This will probably be a big undertaking, so make sure you have an idea of what you are getting into. Perhaps a 2nd person can assist you and we can work out the deal between you.

  • Come up with a Budget
  • Choose a Destination

Let us know: How many persons will be going, how many persons per room or stateroom, and all the details you’ve already decided on: Date of trip, type of trip, location & budget. We can then start to do some preliminary work to see if it’s all realistic and the possibilities. Then you collect deposits and keep track of payments, getting them to us. It’s not difficult, but does require some analytic & organizational skills. Even if you don’t get enough persons for a free spot, we can always get a discount with groups.